Trust Sandra Brazelton and Alexandria Brazelton to List and Sell Your Home Strategically with or without MLS!

We Have Sold Homes in 48 Hours but many of our homes are not listed on MLS!!

What Makes Quali-Tech Properties Different?

We are experienced real estate investors and we have multiple solutions to sell your home quickly.

You may Want to Sell  "As Is"  with a cash buyer, investor, or short sell solution. 

We do not use outdated/traditional listing and marketing strategies!

We have a powerful mobile marketing solution to attract buyers and investors!

As you know property values will increase and decline based on location, age, amenities, condition, school zone and many other factors. Plus you have to compete with other homes that are for sale and make sure you attract a ready, willing and able buyer.

We understand the Demographics and Psychographics of the Best Buyer for Your home!

The market changes every six months so staying on top of your property value is a great way to protect the wealth equity in your home..

Our free market analysis helps first time sellers and move up sellers in the North Alabama, Huntsville and Madison County markets sell their home quickly at top dollar.

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Rates are Down, Home values are Stabilizing and Buyers Are Everywhere Looking to Buy Your Home.

We Have Sold Homes In 48 Hours using our Advanced Technology and Marketing Systems to Attract the New Generation of Hide and Seek Buyers and Investors that are Looking for Your Home!! 

We Use New Skills to Attract the New Types of Buyers!

It is important to price and prepare your home properly because home values have changed significantly over the past few years and appraisers use the last six months of sold history to determine the value of your home.

However, the most important strategy is to target the idea buyer or investor for your home using new skills and high technology.

Most listing agents will put your home in MLS and hope someone finds it. This traditional listing strategy is no longer effective in finding the buyer or investor for your home.

We Stay on Top of Market Trends so we Know Where the Buyers and investors are and we use oir Advanced Mobile Marketing System to Attract them to Your Home.

For Example, the technology savvy Generation Y is online or using Facebook, LinkedIn, their Ipad or smart phone right now to look at your home, and perform independent research. They are texting, tweeting  and sharing information with their friends electronically via social network.

The Baby Boomers are looking for retirement solutions and may want to downsize or consider a home that is close to medical facilities that will support a blended family because many young adults have boomeranged back home.

The Generation X are balancing young kids with double income so they are looking for newer homes with conveniences to work, school, etc.  

Many buyers are looking for a Blended - Sandwich home to accommodate aging parents and to offset the cost of day care.

First Time Home Buyers are looking for guidance because with the low interest rates, it is cheaper to buy. They need help with credit, down payment and a lot of support.

The Move Down Buyers are looking for one level and prefer to be reached directly through phone or postcard.

The Investor Buyer is looking for the best value.

The Luxury Buyer is looking for lifestyle amenities, golf course, water front, equestrian etc.

The Move Up Buyer is looking for more space, better schools, etc.

In addition, each buyer has different personality types that we must quickly understand so we can relate, build a relationship and help them purchase your home.

As experienced professionals, we have helped many Huntsville and Madison County residents sell their home quickly for top dollar. We know how to attract qualified  buyers and handle every aspect of the sales process.

We listen, understand and document the unique features of your home and work closely with you to strategically market your home to attract the best buyer. 

We use our negotiating skills to protect your equity and to make sure everything is signed, sealed and delivered by the closing date.


This is a summary of our seller services and contacts that we use to ensure a successful transaction for you.
Sales Contract
Inspection Addendum
Closing Costs
HUD-1 Settlement Statement Contract Addendum,
Final Walk-Thru
State and Company Disclosures Occupancy Agreement
Leases, Mortgage Note, FHA, Va Conventional, Jumbo Loans, Bridge Loans, Adjustable Rate Mortgage, Buy Down
Deed, Farmers Home
Rural Housing,

Title Insurance,
Lead Based Paint
Rental Verification
Bank verification
Employment Check
Tax Return
Mortgage Brokers
Direct Lenders
Covenants & Restrictions
Insurance Companies
Termite Inspection,
Repair companies,
Title Companies,
Home Inspectors,
Radon Inspections, etc.

Don't Keep Doing the Same Thing and Expect Different Results!  Call Quali-Tech and let's get your home SOLD! SOLD! SOLD!

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